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Tuesday, June 30, 2009 - Global winner announced . . . .

MoiponeAt the grand final in Goa last week, the global winner of the SDC competition was announced as Moipone Qekisi, from South Africa. Moipone joined all the finalists on a trip of a lifetime to India, where they met with the judges to discuss their use of colour in their designs, as well as their aspects of sustainable thinking. We are indebted to the judges for their expert input and inspiration that they offered to all the finalists.

Moipone's prize included a cheque for (the equivalent of) £1000, along with the Veronica Bell Trophy, presented on behalf of the family of the late Dr Veronica Bell, a past-president of the SDC, to acknowledge excellence in the field of colour and design.

Other winners included Nancy Taplin from the UK as the first runner up, and Denise Wong from Hong Kong as the second runner up. Moipone, Nancy and Denise all were presented Pantone Colour Viewers as part of their prize. Angelina Anderson (Australia), Nabil Hasan Khan (Bangladesh) and C S Balajee (India) were also commended by the judges.


Moipone, the global winner


SDC president Mike Bartle with (L-R): Nancy, Moipone and Denise

Chair of the judging panel, Latika Khosla, commented, 'The winners were chosen on the basis of how true they were to their original ideas; how closely they integrated the idea of sustainable design into the project; and most importantly the ones that in future would inspire a whole lot of us to be touched by colour design.

Judging Panel

The judging panel included (pictured in the front row, L-R): Sue Williams, colour consultant and immediate past-president of the SDC; Latika Khosla, design director of a Mumbai-based trend consultancy and Asia Pacific chair of the Color Marketing Group USA; and Savio Jon, a fashion designer based in the state of Goa. Also pictured in the front row is SDC president, Mike Bartle, who announced the winners at the awards dinner.

The finalists are pictured (L-R): Erika Neumayer (USA), Denise Wong (Hong Kong), C S Balajee (Bangladesh), Nadia Munir Khan (Pakistan), Nancy Taplin (UK), Angelina Anderson (Australia), Moipone Qekisi (global winner from South Africa), Nabil Hasan Khan (India), Bijal Vora (India) and XiYue Zhao (China).


It was such a wonderful occasion to have all the finalists present which was made possible thanks to the generosity of our sponsors. The grand final of the design competition was sponsored by VeriVide and Pantone, and the awards dinner sponsor (where the winners were announced) was sponsored by Clariant. Each of the finalists also received gifts from Pantone Asia and SDC India.










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