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Welcome to the Society of Dyers and Colourists of Australia and New Zealand

SDC International Design Competition 2011



‘To demonstrate the creative, imaginative and original use of colour in either fashion or textiles’

All entries should show evidence of the following:

* colour as an integral component of the design process
* development of the designs, from concept to final design product or application
* excellent presentation and clarity of ideas
* innovative or creative approach to incorporating some aspect of thinking around this year’s theme of ‘reduce, recycle, reuse’, within the original design and/or final design application.

The judges will assign marks for each of these four categories.


* For regional heats, work to be mounted on a maximum of four boards of up to A2 size.(please do not include any additional artwork/portfolio or actual finished garments at this stage)
* A type-written statement on one A4 sheet – no more than 500 words!
* If you are successful and win your regional heat, you are encouraged to bring one extra piece of work to the grand final judging, this could be a finished article to show the end product or a sample garment

Basis of submission

* The work can be based on a fashion or textile design project produced as part of the standard course curriculum or specifically for the SDC International Design Competition.
* Content is at the discretion of the student, but can include finished roughs, design sheets, illustrations, working drawings, mood boards, photographs, fabric indicators, material swatches, etc. At least one board must outline the colour theme with the colour palette clearly indicated.
* Each submission must be uniquely titled to reflect its nature and theme and must be supported by a typewritten description in English (no more than one A4 page / ~500 words) explaining the background and inspiration for the work.
* Boards: these should only be A3 (297 x 420 mm) or A2 (420 x 594 mm) in size, with your artwork securely mounted on. Never submit any more than the number of boards requested. Only one entry may be submitted by each student.
* A maximum of three entries per college; one tutor should be identified as the contact per college and be responsible for submitting an entry form.


In most instances, the students will be invited to bring their boards and statements to the regional heats. They will meet the judges and have the opportunity to give some background on their project and, in particular, their use of colour. Where it is not feasible for the students to be present at the regional judging, alternative arrangements will be made.

Additional background information and ideas to consider

Reduce, recycle, reuse in fashion and textile design – what will your approach be?

Judging: The emphasis must be on colour, with this year’s theme of ‘reduce, recycle, reuse’ being a key aspect that must be considered. The judges will expect to see a clearly defined idea, taking into account an aspect of ‘reduce, recycle reuse’, included into the design and/or the written statement. There is a lot of debate relating to this issue, which gives you plenty of opportunity to bring your own ideas. What is important is to evidence that you have thought about the issue and developed your individual take on it. It is not necessary to incorporate the theme into all aspects of the design and its final application, though this is certainly not prohibited. What is most important is to make the theme strong and clear where it is incorporated.

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For details contact: Henry Orlinski - Heat organizer for Australia and New Zealand

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